Your shift can go by very quickly. When each delivery takes 15-30 minutes and you are engaged by driving, time never really drags.

It’s great if you are not a people person. You spend most of your time alone in your car listening to the radio, you can deal with most people very briefly. You also get to take short walks outside, which can be very pleasant.

Flexible hours, good for college students. You can also be a rush driver and come in to work 2-4 hours during the busiest period and make as much money in tips as you could working a full day minimum wage.

Employee discount- You can take home a large pizza loaded with toppings for under 10 bucks if you buy it while you’re on the clock, if you are hanging out with friends and they want to order pizza you can use your hat or something as proof to get a smaller discount for delivery. This is a popular perk, if you’re not worried they just want you for your za.

If it’s a slow day you will be the first to be cut (this can be a pro or con depending on how you look at it)

Can be good exercise- Getting in and out of your car a lot, jogging around and possibly climbing lots of stairs with heavy boxes can add up to a surprising amount of cardio, and you will definitely build up your forearms.


  • Danger: Delivering pizza significantly increases your risk of getting into an auto accident, due to other drivers errors, the pressure to hurry and the sheer amount of time spent on the road and bad weather. There is also the risk of robbery, you will often be working in the dark and wearing a big sign advertising that you have cash. This is why drivers are never supposed to carry more than $20 cash. Pizza delivery drivers are also the third most likely occupation to be murdered on the job.
  • Late nights: Most drivers work evenings and weekends since most deliveries are at night. If you are closing this means you can stay until 2-3 am, since someone can call one minute before closing and make you drive around more, meaning you have to stay later to mop up.
  • Social isolation: If your friends/romantic partner work regular daytime hours this means having opposite schedules, meaning most of your free time will be spent alone as well. Your interaction with other human beings might be limited to brief exchanges with coworkers and customers and the voices on the radio. It is not unheard of for long term drivers to develop a habit of talking to themselves.
  • Personal expense: You most likely will have to use your personal vehicle (requiring that investment) and your own gas. You might get partially compensated for mileage. This can be a problem if you are earning a tipping wage but get stiffed, causing you to actually lose money by coming to work. The wear and tear of the constant stop-and-go traffic on your car will eventually come back around in repairs, which is where a lot of your savings will end up going. You have to know when to stop, otherwise you might end up with less money than you started with and no working car.
  • Physical toll: Driving the equivalent of a road trip every day will mess you up after a while. It is common to develop chronic pain, especially in the lower back, right arm and right leg where you work the pedal and gear shift.