We Love Surfing

Sport lets us believe in the impossible.

Keep it trim

Every board has a sweet spot, where it is stable and balanced and will move ‘in trim’ with the wave. If you’re too far forward, the nose will sink, too far back and it will stall. When you are centred, the nose of the board will sit just above the surface of the water.

Catch a wave 

Start paddling for a wave way in advance, to build up enough momentum for it to take you. When you feel it pick you up, the natural instinct is to grip the board and attempt to get up, but this is when you should put in a final two to three powerful arm strokes. Spend plenty of time practising this without trying to stand up.

Perfect your paddling

Paddling – whether to get out through the waves or to catch a wave – is a key skill. The action is similar to front crawl but you need to keep your body as still as possible, just using the shoulders and arms to pull rather than twisting the body or head. Keep your feet slightly apart to aid stability.